School Leaders

At St Bernadette's, the school leaders engage in a variety of activities that display and develop their leadership qualities.

The entire Year 6 cohort take on the responsibility of student leadership. From this cohort, sixteen school leaders are elected to form the Student Leadership Team. School Captains, Vice Captains, School Leaders and Colour House Captains are responsible for many of the activities and events that take place throughout the school year:

  • Leading assemblies and special events
  • Carnivals and sporting events
  • Motivating all students for maximum participation in school and extra circular activities

Our school leaders help the students on the playground and at the canteen (especially the younger students). They assist with fundraising, Clean Up Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and other celebrations.

Our school leaders are diligent and active team who regularly meet to discuss and plan upcoming events and they are adopt a proactive in their roles and work together collaboratively as a team. We are proud of the way they make the year 6 Student Leaders and members of the school SRC feel a welcome part of the team that takes ST Bernadette's into the future.

Captains Leah Symin 6B & Anthony Gomez 6B
Vice Captains Charlotte Cowper 6B & Antonio Zeaiter 6G
Blue House Ashton Pulvirenti 6G & Eva Bailey 6G
Gold House Andrew Zalloua 6B & Ella Lagana 6W
Green House Deangelo Chedid 6B & Georgina Kassis 6G
Red House Antonio Wadith 6W & Daniell Khoudair 6B