Support Programs

At St Bernadette's Primary, we devote significant time to building relationships with others.

The children are encouraged to be welcoming and invitational, while respect and dignity are the basis of all our interactions. The strong sense of community at St Bernadette's Primary promotes a sense of belonging and identity for parents, teachers and especially the children. We try to create an environment of genuine care and concern for one another.

Pastoral Care

Our school counsellor supports children and families experiencing difficulties. Teachers and parents benefit from this vital program of support. The counsellor has been available one day per week.

We have a buddy system which provides support and encouragement to the students across the school.

A comprehensive system of certificates and awards promotes self-esteem and affirms students in their learning. We create many opportunities to recognise and acknowledge the children, with whole school assemblies being a particular focus of affirmation for students' efforts and achievements.

Student Management

Education is the process of helping each individual to discover his or her own uniqueness and responsibility.

We aim to provide a safe and secure learning environment which is based on both trust and respect. Features of our Student Management Policy include:

  • the policy having as its focus the positive behaviours of students as well as behaviour that needs to be addressed.
  • the belief that every person in the community, especially the student, has the right to feel safe and the right to learn.
  • a coordinator to oversee the school-wide development of policies and procedures with regard to student management and overall pastoral care
  • a Kindergarten to Year 6 Social Skills program to assist the students' growth in this area.

Our policy incorporates the principles of procedural fairness which means students are treated in a fair and just manner. Students are given the opportunity to respond to any allegations and kept informed of the procedures.

For a copy of this policy please contact the school office.

Kindergarten Transition

Kindergarten Transition involves a series of meetings with parents and school visits for children the year before they attend St Bernadette's. This builds familiarity and confidence as the new students interact with one another and their new teachers. It has proven very successful in preparing the children for their first year in primary school.

Student Leadership Opportunities

Year 6 Leadership involved an extensive program of leadership skill and qualities development. It may include interaction with leaders from other local Catholic schools, as well as a program of planned activities and events, including organising assemblies, to help the student leaders refine their leadership skills and build teamwork.

Reading Recovery Programme

The early years of learning are critical for literacy acquisition. From the first day at school, all students need the opportunity to participate in excellent literacy programs in their Kindergarten classrooms. Teaching and learning in Kindergarten sets the stage for lifelong learning.

Reading Recovery is an early intervention designed to reduce literacy failure. It was initiated and developed in New Zealand by educator and psychologist Dame Marie Clay. It aims to accelerate the progress of those at-risk literacy learners to the average level of their grade in their school, as quickly as possible, so students may obtain maximum benefit from classroom instruction.

The Reading Recovery Program provides:

  • individualised instruction for targeted underachieving individuals who have not responded to quality literacy instruction in the classroom
  • daily, intensive, high quality instruction to students experiencing reading and writing difficulties during their second year of school
  • lessons that are individually tailored to provide explicit instruction for each student.

Reading Recovery is supplementary and additional to classroom literacy instruction. Teachers trained in the delivery of Reading Recovery provide individual daily instruction for 30 minutes over an average period of 12 to 20 weeks.

EMU (Extending Mathematical Understanding) Intervention Program

St Bernadette's provides a Mathematical Intervention support group for those children in Year One and Year Four who are vulnerable in their mathematical understanding.

Identified students participate in a Mathematics program for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week for a minimum of 25 hours to a maximum of 50 hours. Students work in a small group of three with a specially trained EMU intervention teacher.

Students in the EMU intervention program are involved in a range of activities to promote mathematical thinking. They also participate in home tasks learnt in their EMU sessions.

EMU Intervention is supplementary and additional to classroom numeracy instruction. It aims to accelerate the progress of those at-risk numeracy learners, as quickly as possible, so students may obtain maximum benefit from classroom instruction.


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